Friday, March 19, 2010

A short story

So here's what I'm thinking. In an effort to clear my mind and process my feelings, I have decided to write. It's been a long journey for me to finally share what's going on inside. Tinker Toy thoughts build Colossal Colosseums, Kingdoms of Creation, Fit for a King; but where to start with me?

So, today for instance.

"Without You"

I was on the phone with AT&T because I had just switched my plan. When I did, they told me I would have the 9,000 minutes or so transfered over to my new account. My latest bill showed they deleted both the rollover accounts. I called and spoke with Henry, a cool guy originally from Albany, GA.

He tried to get my minutes straightened out, but could only credit 1,000 back because you typically loose your rollover minutes changing to a lower price plan. I told him as part of our negotiation, was to keep the larger portion of minutes from the two accounts and transfer it over. He spoke with his manager and came back, "2,000 is the best I can do." I was cool and level like, "That's no good, I was promised the full amount transfered, and instead they deleted it."

"Hang on," he said. After a long hold, the response came, "I have to file a form, but we are going to give you the full 12,000 minutes back."

I'm thinking like, "WHAT!? I just wanted what was promised..." Kinda caught off guard, I answered the rest of his questions and knew this was God.

Here's the meat of the story:

I get off the phone and walk inside and the Lord speaks to me, "Nothing that is yours can ever be taken away." Meaning, John 3:27

Now that's what He's been saying for the last week or so; really driving at this root of self preservation and fear. Like what are we so afraid of? He promises this time won't be like last time. Why? Because He says so... HA, Imagine that!

So, with that I leave you, to ponder and pry, deeper into His heart. LOVE