Wednesday, June 20, 2012


An excerpt from above:

June 2008

There was such a Presence today after we prayed to launch. As I was praying, God highlighted shade under a tree and I saw in the spirit a place to lay down; I did and was blasted by the Holy Spirit. When I arose, I prayed a powerful prayer of authority over the park and the people ministering. I spoke of the ground being consecrated for revival by The Call and Jeremiah Lamphere. Angels were sent on assignment. The Blood is over the park and has become a glory zone in Jesus name.

We made our way through the Park. The girl I was partnered with was Kayln; she was an emerging leader from the Teen Challenge program. She was witnessing the power of God manifest in many different forms. Kayln was a wonderful student; she was hungry for the presence. Most of all, she was willing, and her willingness allowed The Spirit to connect deeply with her. I had an opportunity to share some Kingdom blueprints, diagrams and concepts.

While we were walking around the Park's edge, we ran into a couple women from the ministry team. This was so awesome - the one woman came over and we were talking to her. Then I looked at her and said, "You have something for her," gesturing to Kayln - as soon as I said that, it was like a download over a line - like a surge in activity dropped over her. She pointed at Kayln and said, "Never stop fighting for your husband."