Friday, April 2, 2010

Rock And A Hard Place

Sounds like the name for a stage in a video game, but that's where I'm at. Surveying the future forecast and wondering if I'm playing this hand right. It's like wondering in the wilderness without a guide. lol, well sort of. I've laid down my compass and emptied my canteen, entering the desert. Why? I ask myself the same question everyday, but I think I've almost got the answer. Things are about to happen very quickly.

As I understand, this is preparation for something much greater. So I'd say I'm investing in the future. Honestly, I guess I'm having a hard time accepting love. This force that humbles you and removes your defenses. I lose me but gain so much more. I tear up when I think about this, cause I get along with me just fine; so why complicate the equation. Why? Because teams are more effective than individuals. More resources, insight, anointing. In essence, they accomplish the goal with more efficiency and less cost. So in dealing with my difficulty in partnering with others, I had a vision.

In the vision, there was a group of people mining. There were five in a row horizontally. Each was drilling vertically to reach a horizontal line that represented a breakthrough of provision. The drilling process had 5 parts, like trials; drilling skill, power generation, oil, water and mechanical maintenance.

The drill worked like this - You needed water to be applied properly to cool the bit so it wouldn't overheat, seize and stop the drill. Oil also needed to be applied to the moving internal parts to prevent mechanical failure. The power generator needed to provide consistent power to fuel the drill, as the operator needed skill to keep the dill on track. The drill would occasionally break down, so maintenance was also important in keeping the operation productive.

Each person was gifted in a specific area, similar to strengths and weaknesses. The skills were often not complementary, two separate areas that did not benefit one another. One person was a skilled drill operation and would cover much ground in a day, yet would not adequately apply oil and water. This would result in breakdown, which though skilled in maintenance, required downtime, which reduced effectiveness.

Another applied oil and water well, yet did not have the power or drive to accurately position the drill and would often go off track. Another had a great source of power, and though skilled in maintenance could not drill accurately. As I watched this scene, it became quickly evident to me that if the drillers would lay down their need to achieve individually, they could quickly achieve success corporately.

Almost on command, the understanding was released that brought each into alignment; leaving individual pursuits to fill the billet they were created for. Water to water, oil to oil, harmony was achieved and the breakthrough came quickly. It was no longer mine or yours, but ours. So let's tap in and win! - 3/22/10

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